Author: gerardo

Melanie Ulloa

In February of 2020, merely in my freshman year, I visited SAS for the first time. Marveled by the freedom and challenges it would provide me with, I became reassured in my decision to apply for the upcoming year. When I first envisioned myself at SAS, it already felt inviting; […]

Raul Campos

Before coming to SAS, my teachers warned me it was going to be like nothing I had ever experienced; they spoke of hours after hours of non-stop work. They warned failure was a possibility and that if I ever did fail, I wouldn’t be able to return to my old […]

Andrea Pita

What is your favorite color? At six, it was blue. At eight, it was pink. Now I know that I don’t have one because it changes everyday. Change has been my sidekick for as long as I can remember. Instead of fighting it, I have always been drawn to it […]

Stephanie Acosta

I won’t lie, writing this testimonial is the hardest thing I have had to do at this school. It is a little funny, considering I took AP Calculus BC here. I have just been writing and deleting words, never satisfied with how they sounded. I think it is because it […]

Vivian Bofill

My journey to SAS was quite common. I came from a small school nestled into a corner of Little Havana, where all my teachers warned me that SAS was going to be difficult, that I would hate it, and that I would be treated as “just a number.” If comments […]