Sophia Larralde

Stepping away from your peers: taking the first leap into individuality.

Embracing the challenges that lie ahead: venturing into the unexplored.

Leaving the comfort of your school: unlocking the doors to personal growth.

Choosing a smaller educational institution: embracing the power of a close-knit community.

Attending the School for Advanced Studies is preparing yourself to thrive in discomfort and embrace the unfamiliar. It is to ignite a beacon of success for your family, whether you are the trailblazer venturing into uncharted educational territories or the one upholding and perpetuating a proud legacy, shouldering the responsibility of carrying the torch forward.

As you immerse yourself in these testimonials, reflect upon your own aspirations. Will you be the one who surpasses the achievements of those who came before you? Or will you stand on the sidelines, witnessing the accomplishments of others?

Among those reading these testimonials, there are individuals who are confident that attending this institution will be instrumental to their pursuit in becoming the next Steve Jobs, revolutionizing technology and transforming lives, or the next Gandhi, championing change, peace, and equality.

Yet, amidst this daunting prospect, there lies the beauty of being surrounded by intellectually curious peers, each with their unique talents and interests. While it may seem intimidating, remember that nobody scrolling through these testimonials, filling out the application alongside you, has ever lived a double life where they simultaneously navigate the realms of high school and college. You are not alone in your journey, and the collective energy and drive of your fellow students will inspire you every step of the way.

In this pursuit, you will find that the School for Advanced Studies is not a factory of replicas of current world leaders, but a producer of ambitious and determined individuals who enter with the potential to be as influential as the world leaders of our time and leave with the mindset to make an even greater impact in their own way.

Fueling the fire of ambition within: igniting the drive to pursue your aspirations with unwavering confidence.

Harnessing the power of knowledge acquired: unlocking the key to applying wisdom in pursuit of your dreams.

Immersing yourself in captivating interests: enveloping your passion with fervor and unwavering dedication.

Attending the School for Advanced Studies is placing yourself in the challenging position to learn the importance of oneself. It is a transformative pursuit which will implement in you a profound appreciation for your own achievements and the invaluable art of being there for yourself, even when faced with solitude. Today it is bidding farewell to the familiar faces of your peers, but tomorrow it is leaving for a new workplace. The common thread will always be you. At the School for Advanced Studies, we embrace the opportunity to transcend the boundaries of what is considered possible, and strive to exceed the expectations placed upon us. We emerge not as replicas, but as individuals poised to shape the future in our own way. The choice now lies with you to determine if this aligns with your personal aspirations and goals.

Sophia Larralde,
School for Advanced Studies Wolfson, Class of 2023
University of Florida, Class of 2025